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live scores betpawa AdvertisementAs more and more of these dumb contraptions from startups hit the news, it became a common refrain on the internet to lol at X company for having 鈥渋nvented鈥 something. Only one tiny group needed any of these things: startups and venture capitalists. As TechCrunch put it back in October, 2017 marked 鈥渢he end of the startup era.鈥 Rather than a few guys cooking up something in a garage that blows the world away, we have startups latching on to a few categories of hot development hoping to sell out as soon as possible to one of the big five tech giants.The big boys weren鈥檛 immune to dumping stale ideas on the public either. When they weren鈥檛 copying each other, or adding tiny tweaks to their current products, the tech juggernauts were mostly focused on taking over existing industries while adding little of value.AdvertisementAdvertisementFrom the bowels of Amazon鈥檚 research domination department to the kitchen tables of deluded startup bros, here are 2017's most unoriginal and infuriating ideas:Advertisement setTimeout(() => const adSlot = document.querySelector(.apscustom); const adFallback = document.querySelector(.ars-fallback); if (adSlot) if has been read, but theres no ad, then show the fallback if (adFallback && adSlot.offsetHeight Hub鈥 service is still just a mailbox. And as Amazon gobbles up every piece of every industry, it doesn鈥檛 sound like such a great idea to let them build out dedicated infrastructure that keeps us all inside its walled garden.Advertisement8. The low-rise buildingYou could also just call this a building. Maybe you want to call it a corporate campus, that鈥檚 cool too. Google prefers to call it a 鈥淈!-- -->landscraper鈥 or a 鈥渉orizontal skyscraper.鈥 Granted, the new headquarters that Google is building in London is a really big building鈥?,082 feet long, holding 7,000 workers鈥攂ut it鈥檚 just a building. What鈥檚 more, the landscraper is the opposite of what we need right now. Densely populated metropolitan areas need big tall buildings to make the best use of space, keep rents low, make public transportation more efficient, and countless other reasons. Google鈥檚 landscraper is 11 stories tall. It will include an innovative elevator that goes sideways as well as up and down, though. Of course, if it were a regular skyscraper, the elevator would only need to move vertically. Two useless inventions in one!Advertisement7. The busImagine this: an automobile travels along a set route at all times, it stops along that route, and you can get in and ride along that route as a way to get within walking distance to your destination. Because other people are doing this along with you, the cost of the ride is reduced. It鈥檚 called Lyft Shuttle. But before that, it was called a city bus. And when it was the bus, it cost less per ride, was subsidized by the public, accommodated more people, and was financially viable for low-income passengers. Proceeds from the bus went back into the system that keeps the bus running, not into the coffers of a VC fund. Great job, Lyft.Advertisement6. RoommatesOf all of the mega-funded startups out there, WeWork probably baffles me the most. With an billion valuation, it鈥檚 worth more than SpaceX. But unlike Elon Musk鈥檚 rocket startup, WeWork has no moonshot ideas. It just rents real estate and brands properties. WeLive is its communal housing offshoot. A bunch of people live in a place and share common areas. This is called 鈥渃o-living鈥 in the world of WeWork. In the real world, it鈥檚 called having roommates. If you elect to have a roommate rather 鈥渃o-living鈥 with someone, it tends to be cheaper, and you get to choose your own decor.Advertisement5. The teapotI don鈥檛 drink tea, so there might be a difference between a teapot and a tea infuser, but it鈥檚 all a teapot to me. Teforia鈥檚 line of internet-connected teapots wasn鈥檛 supposed to be Uber for tea, it was supposed to be Keurig for tea. Like Keurig, Teforia made a product that鈥檚 more wasteful than doing it the old-fashioned way, and it used a closed ecosystem of buying tea from Teforia. Gizmodo鈥檚 former resident Brit Libby Watson does drink tea. She found that the 0 Teforia Leaf made a tea that was inferior to what she made with her handy infuser and none of its internet of things features were useful. After raising million in funding, Teforia shut down. And now a handful of people have a 0 teapot.Advertisement4. The storage lockerMakeSpace has raised million for its 鈥渃loud storage for physical stuff.鈥 If that sounds like a storage locker, that鈥檚 because it is. MakeSpace has been going since 2013, and this year it had a 鈥淈span>completely amicable鈥 executive reshuffle. It didn鈥檛 invent 鈥渃loud storage for physical stuff,鈥 and it didn鈥檛 invent a new way to quietly whisper 鈥渢hings aren鈥檛 okay.鈥滭/p>Advertisement3. The tentLong days at the office, terrible sleep habits, caffeinated delirium, and open office space has us all wanting to crawl into a hole and die. Or at least, take a nap. That鈥檚 where Odd Company鈥檚 Pause Pod came in. It鈥檚 a portable 鈥減rivate pop-up space free from stressful moments.鈥 It鈥檚 a tent鈥攁 tent that you open in the middle of the office, and all your co-workers wonder if you鈥檙e jerking off inside.Advertisement2. The vending machineBodega set a record time for a startup to experience public backlash. It鈥檚 an app-enabled vending machine with bougie products that aims to put your beloved, locally owned corner store out of business. 鈥淭he vision here is much bigger than the box itself,鈥 Bodega鈥檚 co-founder Paul McDonald told Fast Company. That interview ran on September 13th. On September 14th, Bodega apologized to 鈥渢o anyone we鈥檝e offended.鈥 The apology focused on the name, which the company assured us it had market tested in 鈥淟atin American communities,鈥 and 97 percent of respondents didn鈥檛 think it was offensive. What Bodega missed is that the entire concept is offensive.Advertisement1. HandsAh Juicero, the top spot was always going to be reserved for you. You were a hilarious ray of sunshine in the middle of a gloomy year, and we all owe you a debt of gratitude. Regarding this list, the only decision to be made was figuring out what Juicero invented that had already been invented. As a 0, internet of things juicer, the logical answer would be that it 鈥渋nvented鈥 the juicer. But no, Juicero didn鈥檛 really juice fruit or vegetables. It squeezed out bags of prepared fruit or vegetable product. You had to buy these bags from Juicero, and some top-notch investigators at Bloomberg found that you could squeeze out the bag with your bare hands just as well as you could with the machine. Juicero CEO Jeff Dunn defended his invention, saying, 鈥渉acking consumer products is nothing new.鈥 It鈥檚 not a hack to do the thing a product does with your bare hands. So, Juicero invented hands. Five months and 8.5 million of investment later, Juicero was dead. Dunn was last seen emerging from Burning Man, drinking an expensive snake oil from a company that calls it 鈥淈span>raw water.鈥 Take comfort in knowing that Dunn doesn鈥檛 just take you for a sucker, he happens to be one himself.

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    live scores betpawa Blockchain technology is much more than simply bitcoin. Its potential applications are vast and varied, extending beyond finance to include healthcare, supply chain management, real estate, and digital identity. Blockchains transparency, security, and decentralization make it an attractive solution for organizations seeking to enhance their operations.In summary, while blockchain technology is often associated with cryptocurrency, its applications go far beyond finance. From supply chain management and healthcare to digital identity and real estate, blockchains potential is vast and varied. Organizations seeking to enhance their operations should explore the benefits of this transformative technology.Supply chain managementThe technology allows for greater transparency and accountability, as each participant in the supply chain can see the details of the transactions. This is especially valuable in businesses where origin and authenticity are crucial, such as food and medicines.HealthcareIn healthcare, blockchain technology can eliminate the need for intermediaries and ensure that patient data is stored securely and transparently. It can also help track the distribution of medical supplies to prevent fraud and counterfeit products from entering the market.Blockchain technology can help to eliminate the need for intermediaries and ensure that patient data is stored securely and transparently. The technology can additionally be employed to follow the distribution network of medical supplies to ensure they are real rather than fraudulent.Digital identityAnother area where blockchain is proving useful is digital identity. Blockchain-based digital identity systems can provide users with control over their personal data, eliminating the need for centralized identity systems that are vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches. With a blockchain-based digital identity system, users can control their own identity and personal data, without relying on intermediaries.Real estateIn the sector of real estate, blockchain technology may be utilized to build a tamper-proof and public ledger of real estate transactions. This can lessen the need for middlemen like attorneys and real estate brokers, as well as the time and expense involved with property transactions.In addition, the technology may be used to authenticate possession and avoid fraudulent activity. Blockchain can reduce the need for middlemen such as real estate brokers and attorneys, as well as the time and costs associated with property transactions.Blockchain in businessBeyond these specific applications, blockchain technology is being investigated for its potential uses in a wide range of sectors. Its ability to reduce fraud, increase transparency, and minimize the need for intermediaries make it an attractive option for many businesses.Applications and practicesBlockchain technology can help to eliminate fraud and increase transparency, as each participant in the supply chain can see the details of the transactions.Smart contracts can assist decrease the need for middlemen like attorneys and accountants, as well as the time and costs involved with contract administration. Smart contracts can indeed serve to decrease the risk of fraud and assure the fulfilment of contractual commitments. With a blockchain-based digital identity system, businesses can ensure that user identities are stored securely and transparently, without relying on intermediaries.The hype behind the digital currency for profitThe digital currency has been making waves in the financial world over the past few years, with many investors and enthusiasts claiming that it represents the future of money. Unlike traditional currencies such as the US dollar or the euro, digital currencies are decentralized, meaning they are not controlled by a single entity or institution.Reasons and factors to considerOne of the main reasons why there is so much hype around digital currency for profit is the potential for huge returns on investment. Numerous digital currencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, have enjoyed stratospheric price gains in recent years, with some investors profiting millions of dollars.There are several reasons why digital currencies can be so profitable. For starters, because they are decentralised, they are not subject to the same rules and limitations as traditional currencies, which might make them more appealing to investors seeking greater freedom and autonomy.Secondly, the supply of most digital currencies is limited, meaning that as demand for them increases, their value can skyrocket. This is because there are only a certain number of units of a given digital currency in existence, and as more people want to buy them, the price goes up.Thirdly, digital currencies can be traded on a variety of different exchanges likebit alpha ai, making it easy for investors to buy and sell them at any time. Since digital currencies are decentralized and unregulated, they can be subject to extreme price volatility, with prices sometimes fluctuating wildly in a matter of minutes or hours. This means that investors can potentially lose large amounts of money if they buy digital currency at a high price and then see the value plummet. Because digital currencies are not backed by any physical asset or government guarantee, they are not considered safe investments in the same way as traditional currencies or stocks.Overall, digital currency represents a potentially lucrative investment opportunity for those who are willing to accept the risks involved. By understanding the potential benefits and risks of digital currency, investors can make informed decisions and maximize their chances of success in this exciting and rapidly-evolving field.Final wordIn conclusion, blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate, particularly in areas such as supply chain management, smart contracts, digital identity management, payment systems, and data management. Its ability to provide a secure, transparent, and tamper-proof ledger makes it an attractive solution for a range of applications.Blockchain technology is a strong technology with various uses outside of finance, including managing supply chains, healthcare, digital identification, and real estate. It increases openness and accountability, eliminates the need for middlemen, gives users ownership over their private information, and creates a tamper-proof and public record of real estate transactions. It can also aid in the tracking of medical supply distribution and the prevention of fraud and counterfeit items from getting onto the market.Because of their decentralised structure and the potential for huge returns on investment, cryptocurrencies will become increasingly popular. Blockchain technology can assist to eliminate fraud and improve communication in the supply chain by reducing fraud, increasing transparency, and reducing the need for middlemen.

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